The crystal clear water of Mataking has a magical soothing effect. Just hang out near the shore or you can dive along with the barracudas, rainbow runners, turtles, trevallies, tuna, goby, frog fish mandarin fish and other rare species of fish. Just amazing! Head over to the D'wall, Nudibranch Heaven, Barracuda Point and Picturesque Reef in order to experience the paradise of Mataking Island. Mataking Island is located approximately 40 minutes away by speed boat.


Timba- Timba Island is known for its wonderful beaches. It’s also a great place to find ­­­rare marine life, like large cuttlefish, frog fish, crab, sea snakes and sometimes a few nurse sharks hiding under the table coral. Turtles can be seen sometimes in large groups. Divers can also expect to see blue ribbon eels, moray eels, barracudas, lobster, large coral trout and snappers.