Mantabuan is a volcanically formed and mostly submerged island that is a paradise for divers who want to see magnificent coral with unsurpassed visibility. The Black Coral Garden, this rare and precious coral can be found in just 22 meter of waters. In addition to the black coral, pristine soft coral and large table coral can be found throughout the entirety of the island. Huge coral boulders in the shallow provide shelter to a large number of marine life, including a myriad of nudibranches, painted lobster, blue-spotted ribbon rays, and thousands upon thousands of reef fish. Dive sites further to the north and west of the island on the other hand are great for turtles, barracudas and a wide variety of smaller critters. Mantabuan Island is located approximately 45 minutes away by speed boat.


Also known as the Diving School Island, Sibuan is located about 40 minutes by boat. As the name suggest, this island is suitable for many scuba courses especially Open Water Course and Advance Open Water Course. Its white and soft sandy beach offers an idyllic spot for all visitors. Divers will get the chance to see unique cuttlefish as well as turtles and sting rays. More experienced divers will appreciate the chance to get up close to mandarin fish, frog fish, pygmy seahorse and ghost pipe fish. Sibuan Island is located approximately 45 minutes away by speed boat from Semporna. 


Situated across from the Mantabuan Island, this hidden gem of the Celebes Sea is a forested island lies about 25 kilometers northeast of Semporna Town. With crescent-shaped bay, Boheydulang offers pristine snorkelling and diving experience in its turquoise clear water. Expect to see turtles, giant moray eel, blue-spotted sting rays, nudibranchs, the rare pygmy seahorse and numerous patches of colourful corals decorating the ocean landscape. Boheydulang Hill rose from the seabed about 400 meters high. Whilst diving and snorkelling are the main activities, visitors should hike up to the top of the hill. The magnificent view on top of Boheydulang Hill will definitely take your breath                                                                                  away.